BC Mines Blaster Equivalent Certification


The BC Mines Blaster Equivalent Certification is a result of an inter-provincial agreement (Agreement on Internal Trade) that allows provinces to recognize certified skills from other jurisdictions in Canada. To obtain credentials in B.C., you must hold a valid blaster certification from another jurisdiction in Canada and you must also complete a regulatory exam to ensure familiarity with the regulations for the jurisdiction for which you are trying to obtain certification.

In order to apply for this certification, you must provide:

  • A current, valid blaster competency certificate from another Canadian provincial or territorial jurisdiction, outside of B.C.
  • For avalanche control blasting equivalent certification, a current, valid WorkSafeBC Avalanche Control Blasting Certificate
  • Proof of experience (e.g., logbook) and/or letter of reference from your employer or a certified BC Mines Blaster or certified blaster

The certification process includes an online regulatory exam that you must pass before scheduling a face-to-face interview. You have three attempts to pass the exam. (If you need more than one attempt to complete the exam, you must wait at least one week between attempts.) Once you pass the regulatory exam, you'll set up a face-to-face interview with a Inspector of Mines.

Avalanche Control Blasting
This equivalency certification must be completed to perform avalanche control blasting on a B.C. mine site. In order to complete this certification an avalanche control blaster must hold a BC Mines Blaster — 3rd Class Certification and a valid WorkSafeBC Avalanche Control Blasting Certification. Both certifications must be maintained and kept current.

You must provide the following documents at your face-to-face interview

  • A completed and signed Application for BC Mines Blaster Certification.
  • Valid existing blaster certificate.
  • Proof of ID.
  • A criminal record check.

The online component provides:

  • An overview of all BC Mines Blaster Certifications.
  • Access to supporting resources including videos about safety and blasting on BC Mines sites (e.g., magazines, care and handling of explosives, guarding, and transportation safety).
  • Access to a BC Mines Blaster Certification Application Form and information on how to set up a face-to-face interview with a Inspector of Mines, including the documentation you're required to bring with you.
  • The Regulatory Exam:
    • Covers parts of the Health, Safety, and Reclamation Code for Mines in BC, the Explosives Act (Federal) and the Explosives Regulation 2013 (Federal).
    • You need a passing grade of 75% or higher. You must pass this exam before attempting the technical exam.
    • It is closed book (i.e., no books or resources may be referenced during the exam).
    • May take up to three hours and must be completed in one sitting.

You can take the exam at any time and you have six months (from the time of registration) to pass.