FOODSAFE Refresher

FOODSAFE Level 1 Refresher Course Frequently Asked Questions

Note: You must have a non-expired BC FOODSAFE Level 1 Certificate prior to being able to register for the FOODSAFE Level 1 Refresher course. This will ensure that your name appears in the BC FOODSAFE Registry, which is required for Refresher Course registration.

If you purchase this course on behalf of your staff, you must ensure that they have a non-expired FOODSAFE Level 1 certificate. This should be confirmed with each employee, as once you purchase the seats, the system will ask you for information of their name, gender and birth date and will not accept the employee if they are not in the BC FOODSAFE Registry. We recommend that employers/employees go to the web site ( for the contact information for the Health Authorities if they need to confirm this information before purchasing the seats.

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Course info:

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Ordering info:

  • How much does a seat cost?
    Seats cost $55 each.

  • How do I purchase (register for) a course seat?
    On the registration page, select the number of seats you require (one seat per user).

  • Does my course (seat) expire?
    Yes, you have one year to use this course (seat) before it expires. You have 14 days to complete the course once you register into it.

  • How can I pay for my seat(s)?
    Visa, Master Card or American Express is the preferred method of payment. This will ensure your seat is saved.

    We are sorry but we are unable to process Debit cards at this time.

  • What if I have a hotmail, gmail or yahoo account?
    These large web-based email providers have spam filters enabled, which may redirect emails from Open School BC (with important access information) into the junk folder. Please ensure you check your junk mail folder if you have not received the expected emails in your inbox after you paid for the FOODSAFE course.

  • How do I enroll into the course?
    A self-registration link will be emailed to you within an hour of purchasing your course seat. Use this link to enroll yourself into the course or the person for whom the seat was purchased.

Course info:

  • Are you comfortable using online technologies?
    Online learning is not for everyone, this course is completed online and is self-paced so be sure you are comfortable using a computer, the internet, and email. You will need to have regular access to a computer with a reliable high-speed (1 Mbps or better) Internet connection. If you don't have regular access, make sure you have easy access to a computer in order to complete the course within 14 days of your enrollment using the self-registration link..

    Note that customer service is available to assist only during regular business hours (8:30am - 4:30pm), Monday - Friday except on Statutory holidays, Pacific Time Zone.

  • Do I need a computer to do FOODSAFE online?
    YES! We highly recommend that you have a personal computer and a high-speed (1 Mbps or better) Internet connection to take the FOODSAFE Level 1 Refresher Course. You cannot take the FOODSAFE Level 1 Refresher Course unless you have a non-expired FOODSAFE Level 1 Certificate.

  • How do I log into my course?
    After enrolling into the course using the self-registration link, you will be emailed a username, password, and URL for Moodle (where the course takes place).

  • How do I know if my computer will work for this course?
    Before you purchase the course, you should check Moodle's Browser support ( for the list of supported browsers and operating systems. Find your operating system and browser to confirm that your system will be compatible to take the course.

  • How long do I have to complete the course?
    You will have access to the course immediately after enrolling with the self-registration link. This course takes approximately 1 to 3 hours, and must be completed within 14 days (including weekends) of enrolling with the self-registration link (including your final examination). The course can also be completed much sooner, at the student's pace, if they dedicate a few hours to studying the material thoroughly and writing the quizzes in a timely manner.

  • Can I just write the final exam?
    No, this course requires you to complete every module in sequence beginning with Module 1 before moving on to the next module.

  • What happens if I try to just write the final exam?
    You will get an error message, you will not be able to open the final exam or complete the course and get credit for it.

  • I am being told that my name is not in the database of people who have completed FOODSAFE Level 1, but I am convinced that I've completed the course. What should I do now?
    Contact your local Health Authority.

Final Exam info:

  • How many questions are on the final exam?
    There are 28 questions on the FOODSAFE Level 1 Refresher Course final exam.

  • What mark must I achieve in the Final Exam to pass the FOODSAFE Level 1 Refresher Course?
    • You must achieve a minimum mark of 80% in order to pass the FOODSAFE Level 1 Refresher Course.
    • If your mark is below 60% the first time you write the exam, you must take your FOODSAFE Level 1 course over again.
    • If your mark is between 61-79% the first time you write the exam, you will have a second attempt to write the exam.
    • If your mark is below 80% on your second attempt, you must take your FOODSAFE Level 1 course over again.

  • How long will it take to complete the final exam?
    The exam will automatically end after 1 hour.

  • Are there additional resources to help prepare for the final exam?
    Yes, absolutely. You may purchase a print work book from Crown Publications: visit

Certificate info:

  • How do I get my FOODSAFE Level 1 Refresher Course certificate and how long will it take to receive it?

    Once you have completed and passed the final exam your regional Health Authority will mail a FOODSAFE certificate to you. Certificates may take up to 2-3 weeks to be processed and mailed out by the Health Authorities. Individuals who successfully complete the online FOODSAFE Level 1 Refresher course are strongly advised to print out (or save as a PDF) a copy of their temporary certificate of completion.

    Once completed, you also have the option to verify your certificate and grade using the Ministry of Health application available from this page.

  • Is there a way that I can "fast track" receiving my official certificate of completion? My employer wants to see it.

    If your employer requires confirmation of completion, your temporary certificate or a scan of your results from the Ministry of Health application should suffice until you receive the official certificate by mail. All certificates are processed by date of completion and there is no mechanism in place to fast track certificates.