Course 4 Overview

Disabled teenage boy working with speech therapist in audio laboratory, he is wearing headphones while speech therapist is holding a microphone in front of him while showing him flash cards


Course 4 will discuss issues around teaching the curriculum and how to assess students with complex needs.

What’s in the Course?

Course 4 has three modules. Below is a brief description of the content of each module.

Module 1: Navigating Assessment

In Module 1, you will learn about how to use assessment to plan your student’s educational program:

  • Types of assessments
  • Why assessment matters
  • What to consider when reading assessments

Module 2: The B.C. Curriculum and Students with Complex Needs

Module 2 explores how you can use the B.C. curriculum to meet your student’s learning needs:

  • What is curriculum?
  • How curriculum in B.C. differs from earlier approaches
  • How to fit your student’s learning objectives within the framework of the curriculum

Module 3: Inclusive and Competency-based Individual Education Plans

In Module 3 you will explore the role of inclusive and competency-based individual education plans:

  • Identify the ways the I & CB IEP aligns with the redesigned B.C. Curriculum and promotes inclusion
  • Learn how to create a I & CB IEP for a student with complex and multiple learning needs