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Working Here

Relaxed. Comfy. Sounds like your favourite pair of jeans – not another day at the office. However, working at OSBC makes staff feel at home. In fact, some on the team say it’s like hanging out with family – complete with warm interactions, celebrations that are fun, lots of laughter and “crazy siblings.”

Even though things are informal around here, there’s also a creative culture that’s freeing and professional enthusiasm that’s contagious. Because the work is diverse and always changing, no one is ever bored. Everyone is open about sharing their knowledge, skills and talent — pulling together to deliver top-notch stuff.

Our Team

Customer Service and Admin

The Customer Service and Admin team supports customers warmly, manages contracts efficiently, and oversees our finances responsibly.

As a team of professionals, we value excellence in providing the highest level of customer service to serve your learning needs. And, we value our role as good stewards in managing resources responsibly, effectively, and efficiently. We have decades of experience in answering both staff and customer questions.





Educational Applications

AKA EdApps. We’re an agile, problem-solving team that provides both customer support and technical expertise. We’re the first point of contact for users who need assistance with their online training, and we administer the technical backend of our Managed Moodle Hosting Service.

We strive to provide highly responsive support to clients and reliable application development.





Educational Project Management

Our team blends expertise in learner-centred instructional design and project management. We believe in creating effective solutions, delivered efficiently. From day one, we work with our clients to create a clear project vision and objectives, then we manage the process throughout to achieve those goals.

Always ready to put out fires, we are master communicators, organized collaborators and relationship builders. We follow best practices related to authentic learning, while also bringing a project management lens to keep the team on track until launch day and beyond.









Instructional Media

Our team has been creating instructional media for over twenty years, drawing on experiences in adult education, computer graphics, graphic design, photography, and videography. We do much of the work in-house, collaborating with a select group of talented contractors when needed.

Clear communication matters to us. We agree that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and think adding audio, animation and/or interaction often makes the experience even more powerful.

Media we produce includes:

  • video (scripting, direction, production, post-production, graphics)
  • interactive multimedia (storyboarding, art, audio, asset creation)
  • visuals (photographs, illustrations)




The production team brings projects to life through creative design and custom development. As a team of overachievers, we see challenges as a chance to innovate and hone our skills. We have years of experience blending design fundamentals, emerging technology and client needs into projects that not only look beautiful, but function beautifully.

We specialize in:

  • visual design
  • web design and development
  • print design, layout and coordination
  • eLearning courses
  • all things Adobe






Illustrations by Aaron Florian