Introduction to Food Microbiology

About this course:

The high-level objective of Introduction to Food Microbiology is to increase awareness and knowledge of food safety and safe food handling procedures as they relate to the principles of food microbiology. The Introduction to Food Microbiology course content emphasizes food safety awareness practices as found within the food service and food processing industries, to make it as practical and relevant for learners as possible.

Background knowledge in food microbiology is identified as one of the eligibility requirements for instructors teaching MarketSafe and FOODSAFE levels 1 and 2 (in addition to possessing a strong familiarity with the food service industry, through being involved in occupations such as chef, public health inspector, etc.). Very few standalone courses are available that satisfy the former condition, and not all FOODSAFE instructors have graduate studies or post-graduate-level specialization in the area of food microbiology.

Learners have 90 days to complete this course.

Cost: $75

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