About this course:

For an establishment to be truly “food safe,” safe food handling practices must be expected, communicated, modelled, reinforced and rewarded in every position and every role in the establishment.

As an owner, supervisor or manager in a food service or food processing establishment, you can create and nurture a culture of food safety where food safety is valued and emphasized at every step of the food preparation process. The creation of a culture of food safety, and the essential tools and practices that support that culture, is the focus of FOODSAFE Level 2 (FS L2).

Certified instructors teach FS L2 using the Moodle learning management system to deliver the course online. Once successfully completed, FS L2 participants receive a certificate of completion.

The course content of FS L2 has been revised to address a broader and more varied target audience, which may include the following:

  • Managers or owners of restaurants and/or food-related businesses (this could include bakers, caterers, chefs, smaller scale food processors, hospitality industry employees, workers in food banks, soup kitchens, etc.)
  • Stakeholders charged with creating and implementing food safety and sanitation plans, particularly in the food service industry
  • Individuals responsible for training existing and new staff on food safety issues and practices
  • Students beginning their careers in food- and hospitality-related fields

Learners have 28 days to complete this 10- to 14-hour course.

Cost: $115

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