Home Landscape Pesticide Use Training

Overview: Home Landscape Pesticide Use Training was developed for the Ministry of Environment’s Integrated Pest Management Program. This online course is designed to educate and train the general public to use pesticides responsibly.

The Challenge: Under new legislation, homeowners and residents must be certified in order to use certain pesticides in home landscape areas. Training needed to be developed that:

  • Is available free of charges
  • Is engaging and easy-to-use
  • Is usable on mobile devices
  • Provides a 10-year certificate kept on record with the Ministry of Environment

The Approach: Development of this course began in fall of 2014. Partnering with Pathwise Solutions and illustrator, Max Licht, the team set out to create:

  • A dynamic, visually appealing online training site
  • A technical update for an existing certificate registration form

The Outcome: Anyone in B.C. can now prepare to take the Residential Applicator Certification (RAC) exam by accessing online Home Landscape Pesticide Use Training which includes:

  • 8 HTML5 interactive activities
  • 9 info pages
  • 12 downloadable reference sheets
  • 7 animated videos
  • 1 Flash asset converted to HTML5
  • 5 interactive section quizzes
  • 3 live videos
  • 1 resource page
  • 1 page with answers to 12 FAQs
  • 1 exam
  • 1 table of references to 40 municipal bylaws in BC