StrongStart BC: Exploring the Reflecting on Quality Tool


Exploring the Reflecting on Quality Tool was designed to help StrongStart BC facilitators and school district staff with self-reflection exercises related to their programs and professional practice.

The Challenge

Finding a way to elicit more meaningful input from facilitators by:

  • Lifting them out of the melancholy of corporate paperwork and reporting
  • Focusing on shared experiences and personal reflection

The Approach

The Open School BC instructional design team set to work inventing an exploratory journey instead of a corporate “to-do” list. Their creative approach included sketches / storyboards centered on colorful and playful elements used in early learning activities.

The Outcome

The tool launched as an online training resource full of self-reflection exercises like quizzes, videos and worksheets. By the end of the exploration process, StrongStart facilitators are well equipped to complete an action plan and district summary – outlining elements that are working well and areas for improvement.