Resources for Educators

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Professional Learning Resources

Most of these learning resources include videos with reflection prompts and activities. Educators may work through on their own, but we recommend sharing the experience with one or more colleagues. Resources can also be used for facilitated group sessions.

Professional Learning Courses

These courses are free and self-paced so learners can work through all topics or just those of interest to them.

This course is designed to provide tools and strategies for incorporating blended learning into your classroom. It consists of three components: foundation, application, and collaboration. The foundation section focuses on the “what” and “why” while the application section focuses on the “how”.

Both sections come together in collaboration: a community of practice where teachers across BC interact to ask questions, share resources, and discuss experiences.

Blended Learning course +

Four courses to help build skills and understanding of what inclusion means for students with complex needs in today’s classrooms.

Supporting the Inclusion of Students with Complex Needs course +

Explore key components of design thinking and making and consider how to integrate them in your classroom. Design thinking and making helps students develop ADST competencies as they work collaboratively to create innovative and sustainable solutions to complex problems. Includes 32 sample design challenges.

Taking Making course +

Teaching Resources

A collection of K-12 activity plans and resources to use with students.

  • Saffron Threads: K-12 activity plans, timeline card game, and background info to support teachers in integrating South Asian Canadian culture, history, and heritage into their classrooms.
  • Focusing on Competencies in Math: Activity plans (Grades 8-12) and videos demonstrating a competencies-based approach to secondary math. Teachers at any level or subject may find inspiration in the approach and teaching strategies used in these activities.
  • Bamboo Shoots: Chinese Canadian Legacies in BC: Grade 5 and Grade 9 Social Studies lesson sets that acknowledge contributions of Chinese Canadians and the historical injustices they faced. The resource includes a gallery of historical photographs, archival documents and personal stories.
  • Great Bear Rainforest Education and Awareness Trust: Grades 7–12 activity plans and companion resources on the geography, community, and biodiversity within the Great Bear Rainforest.
  • My Seasonal Round: An integrated unit for Grade 3 Social Studies and Science. Five lessons offer an inquiry-based approach to exploring a seasonal round through the perspective of local Indigenous people.
  • Extreme Environments: A cross-curricular Science and Applied, Design, Skills, and Technologies module for Grade 6.
  • Shouting Whales: A marine science teaching resource for Grades 6 to 8. Explore marine soundscapes, mammals and the impacts of noise pollution through multimedia, activities and projects.
  • Speaking Up, Speaking Out: A unit for English Language Arts 10 to help students find and share their unique voices to communicate issues of importance.
  • BC First Nations Studies: Digital textbook developed for the Ministry of Education in 2003.