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Host your courses in Moodle Workplace

So, how do people find your course? Can anyone take it, or just a specific group? How will they work through it and what’s important to keep track of as they do? Where can they find help if something's not working as it should?

Don't worry; our hosting service has all the answers!

Moodle Workplace

Deliver your courses through our Moodle Workplace learning management system, a FOIPPA-compliant, customizable platform that offers user-friendly learning experiences for your audience. It comes with all the great learning tools of Moodle, plus some extras that are perfect for organizations to manage their training.

Here's what you can do:

  • Customize the look and feel of your area with your branding.
  • Keep all your course data separate, making things more secure and private.
  • Create custom enrollment options, including automated and competency-based methods.
  • Use custom authentication, including IDIR.

With Moodle Workplace, you've got everything you need to make your courses accessible, engaging, and secure.

Wondering about the details?

Check out some key features of this learning system, designed especially for work environments.

Website Hosting

Host your stand-alone training website on our web servers. The website is open to everyone, with no registration or access restrictions and complies with FOIPPA regulations.

Technical Support

Using our hosting service also means having access to our approachable, friendly technical team who:

  • Help troubleshoot issues
  • Communicate with users/clients about any issues (during business hours)
  • Research and develop custom solutions
  • Monitor the system status 24/7
  • Collaborate with clients to tailor services
  • Complete regular system maintenance, testing and upgrades

The technical support desk offers a quick response time Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm.

How can we help?

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