Mines Supervisor Online Certification


When the BC Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources (EMPR) updated the provincial mining code in 2017, more than a thousand mine supervisors were legally required to become certified in the new code by July 2018. With a tight timeline, EMPR turned to Open School BC to build an online certification exam and develop the materials needed to train mine supervisors in the updated code’s contents and structure.

The Challenge

With the safety of both mine workers and the physical environment at stake, it was crucial to develop a rigorous, online certification for mine supervisors to assess their core knowledge of the code. In addition, an offline version was required for those in remote worksites, and the course had to be engaging despite the technical subject matter.

The Approach

With a short turnaround time and a legislated deadline, Open School BC chose a phased approach. To meet the pressing need for certified mine supervisors, an overview module and the certification exam were developed first.

In the second phase, Open School BC and its contractors drew from the on-the-job experience of our EMPR clients and subject matter experts to craft a story-based Study Guide. Using interactive exercises, the online study guide methodically built up the knowledge and skills needed to master the final certification exam. To enrich the course content, our media team spent four days at the New Gold and Gibraltar Mine sites capturing video and photography.

The Outcome

This multi-layered, multi-phase project drew on all aspects of Open School BC’s broad skillset. We produced a 200-question exam and developed registration and certification systems that tied into the existing mining registry. We designed a multimedia, web-based course to guide learners through the new Code. The Study Guide and a companion Facilitator’s Guide are also available as print documents for offline use.

Next up? Working with our awesome clients at EMPR in the development of a second online certification in the same suite.